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Sneezeable, Remarkable, the Brand of Kye Grace
Karley Cunningham
I had the pleasure this afternoon to interview Kye Grace, a local Vancouver Realtor……
truth be told Kye was gracious enough to be my guinea pig as I delved into the dimension of podcasting!
I hadn’t yet met Kye in person, as we’d established a two dimensional relationship through the filter of TWITTER, so as you can …

The Effectiveness of Brand Touch Points
Karley Cunningham
Recently I had a fantastic experience with the Zappos brand. As described by their founder and CEO Tony Hsieh, “We just want to be about the very best customer service and the very best customer experience.” In fact, Zappos offer $2,000 for a new employee to quit because” we want to really make sure that people are working at Zappos are truly passionate about the company,” And even though I have yet to buy a pair of shoes from them I have experienced this in just a few preliminary touchpoints.

Colour & Tone in Successful Marketing
Sandy Gerber
Among the stable of brands being marketed redundantly (and I mean redundantly, with stacked billboards) were Coca-Cola, Del Monte, Esso, Eskimo, Victoria and Tona (beer brands I personally tasted and highly support) and Colgate. These brands utilized marketing mediums standard to the North American market and in some weird way provided me with some comfort and familiarity in Nicaragua.

Two brand marketing campaigns completely stood out for me, one for the use of colour and one for their communication tone…

What Twitter Type are YOU??
Sandy Gerber
One of the things I have enjoyed most from Twitter is the learning and insight I have gleamed of the different stages I experienced in Twitterville. From my perspective, there are really Four Stages of Twitter Life:

STAGE ONE: “The Tweetbie”

The Tweetbie is a new Twitter account owner, who has been referred to Twitter. He or she is optomistic and excited by followship growth of direct contacts and peers. The primary Tweetbie purpose of adapting to Twitter is to try the tool, to be cool. The Tweetbie typically for the first two weeks is active in posting tweets about their personal activities, food selections, weather and responds (”replies”) to direct tweet network. He or she uses ample references to “tweet” in their posts…..

Experiential Branding at its Best
Sandy Gerber
I have just returned from an incredibly life changing experience of building a house in Nicaragua for a week with an organization called Bridges To Community. Not only was I among a team of integrous, committed and loving people, I pushed my own inner boundaries in directions I did not think were possible before the trip.

I left for the journey with the intentions and expectations of following a well co-ordinated organization’s schedule and tasks and was quite confident that I would easily integrate and adopt the volunteer ways. Wow! Was I in for a surpise. You have to understand, unlike my twin sister, I have never done anything in this volunteer scale before and so obviously, what I had in mind as far as what I would give and get on this trip was way off! I EXPERIENCED a brand, like never before.

Word Of Mouth Marketing :: Slumdog Millionaire
Karley Cunningham
Word of mouth marketing (or W.O.M.M.) is not the “new black” it IS THE black! At 3 DEGREES WEST, W.O.M.M. has been the driver of 95% of our business, not only in Vancouver, but across the Globe!
For those of you who haven’t discovered “THE black” yet, Wikipedia defines W.O.M.M.by the following:
“Word-of-mouth marketing, which encompasses a …

How Tight Is The Rein On Your Brand & What Is The Effect?
Karley Cunningham
In an effort to provide images for an upcoming “Brilliant (sub) Branding - Starbucks” post I encountered an interesting situation in brand protection.
I popped into a Starbucks that I don’t frequent often, with camera in hand and asked an employee if it would be okay if I took a few shots of their Christmas campaign …

Who’s Managing Your Brand? 11 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Investment
Karley Cunningham
So you’ve invested in your brand. Maybe you’re a new start up and you’ve just worked with a design team to complete your corporate identity and your brand platform. Perhaps you are a marketing manager and you’ve just refreshed the strategy and modernized the legacy brand that you represent. Or maybe your company has experienced …

Contest : A Unique Way to Spend/Donate Your Advertising Dollars - Precision Athletics
Karley Cunningham
We all know it’s that time of year where we seek to make as much of a difference as we can. One of our clients has come up with a unique spin on how they will be spending their advertising dollars this holiday season to benefit those who need it most.
Precision Athletics is running a …

Bill Good Show, 3 Degrees of Separation
Sandy Gerber
A funny and exciting day at the office today as we tuned into the online broadcast of the Bill Good show:


As Bill is introducing the three selected entrepreneurs for the show, Karley and I realize TWO of them are existing clients of 3 Degrees West!! It was so exciting. Maybe it’s the mom in me, but I felt very proud and excited for them and delighted to be on their incredible team supporting their business growth. Both clients…>>

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Dozens of complaints filed over 'confusing' Sunwing ad
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Shopify aims to boost its brand through podcasts, not traditional ads
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Shopify's podcasts are created by Vancouver-based Pacific Content, established in 2014 to help brands develop content that consumers would ?be happy to see in their Facebook feed or Twitter feed,? says founder and co-owner Steve Pratt, the former ...

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